To Whom It May Concern,

Our home in Prescott was built by RidgeWest Builders. This firm incorporates site and building design, working drawings, permits, as well as all phases of construction from ground break to final occupancy permits. We have had several new homes in the past and never before have we been as satisfied as with our present home in the Timber Ridge section of Prescott.

The three brothers, Jon, Mark and Steve Peugh, worked as a very cohesive team and showed extreme flexibility in catering to our every wish and whim, while at the same time maintaining uncompromising rigidity in adhering to sound construction principles, top quality materials, and error-free performance. The finished product is truly square, plumb, and level--as flawless as is humanly possible. Their prices are reasonable and competitive, but only on the surface, since they provide so much more in quality, and execution.

We recommend RidgeWest Builders to anyone who wishes to have a custom home built in the Prescott area. Furthermore, for a firsthand inspection of their competence, we would be glad to show our home.

Sincerely yours,
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred H. Schroeder

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