To Whom It May Concern,

For five years we anticipated the home of our dreams in Prescott among the tall pines.

In our opinion Steve and Jon are master carpenters, of course they could not have built us such a beautiful home without Mark's expertise in drafting.

We were completely confident they could build us the home of our dreams without us having to worry about anything and they did.

Their bid on the project saved us money and gave us all the extra special things we wanted.

We have been in our home for two months and we have found everything done to perfection and as we wanted. Steve even came over and hung a big goose on a high wall for us.

We highly recommend RIDGEWEST to do the complete job from drafting your plans to building the house of YOUR dreams. We are happy to show our home for your inspection and are proud of the workmanship of RIDGWEST.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Teague

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